What’s Really Going on With The Enclave and Vault-Tec on FALLOUT?


Prime Video's Negative consequence series confirmed an explosive fan theory. Vault-Tec wasn't just a powerful conglomerate that got rich selling underground shelters. The company launched the nuclear bombs that started the Great War. He sent humanity rushing to the Vaults secretly led by his own executives because he planned to reshape and manage the world. This revelation, along with many other atrocities by the corporation, made her the biggest villain in the franchise. But what does this mean for the organization that once held that title, The Enclave? The agency of evil has been the main antagonist of multiples Negative consequence video games and The Enclave's own past actions seem to make him a natural enemy of Vault-Tec. Each group wants to rule the world in their image. But if they are enemies, how did the evil masterminds at Vault-Tec let The Enclave take over with their cold fusion technology? Negative consequence?

This raises an even bigger and more important question. Negative consequenceThe first season changed everything we know about Vault-Tec, and his own past suggests he could be The Enclave's secret partner. That is, unless it's even more sinister than that. both of you Negative consequence the groups could always have been different parts of a singular entity.

Cooper Howard's wife Barb suggested Vault-Tec drop the first nuclear bombs of the Great War
Prime Video

What is The Enclave up to Negative consequence?

Of all the factions that appear there Negative consequencethe first season of, the Enclave was the least explored. But video game fans know all about the anti-communist and paramilitary organization. Their heinous actions over two hundred years are why everyone in the Prime Video series had such animosity towards the authoritarian and genocidal entity.

Fallout Ma June with Lucy and Wilzig
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In Negative consequenceIn the world of the enclave, the origins of the Enclave date back to before the Great War. It started as a powerful deep state within the US government. Among its members were some of the highest military, political and corporate officials. (It even included presidents.) Because of its inception, The Enclave is considered the direct and rightful heir to the United States government.

This has never resulted in The Enclave operating under any government rules, standards or accountability Negative consequence. It is an anti-democratic regime that kills anyone it considers a threat to itself or its ideology. The Enclave does whatever it deems necessary to achieve its ends as it pleases. This includes killing “inferior” humans, ghouls and mutants alike. Negative consequence's Enclave wants to build and rule a world of “true” humans. To achieve his goal, he has enslaved people, performed horrific experiments, committed war crimes and he tried to wipe out entire populations and races.

The scientists roll a body with a green hand sticking out of the sheet on the fall
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Even groups that compete with each other for resources have long been united in their hatred of The Enclave. Until the truth about Vault-Tec came out Negative consequence series, The Enclave was the undisputed most evil group in the wasteland. But now that we know the true purpose of Vault-Tec, there are new questions about how the two vile groups might be connected.

What is the history of the Enclave with Vault-Tec al Negative consequence Video games?

The Enclave spent years preparing not only to survive a nuclear war but also to rule after it began. This included The Enclave spying on the experiments that Vault-Tec was running in their previous Vaults Negative consequencethe Great Enclave War controlled life in the Vaults for centuries. This is how scientist Siggi Wilzig knew everything about Lucy MacLane's life.

Nuclear explosions from the television series Fallout Prime Video
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The Enclave was even able to manipulate Vault's behavior after the war. He told a group of Vault dwellers that it was safe to return to the mortal surface, another cruel experiment. At various points after the war, the Enclave even attacked Vaults and their inhabitants. Ultimately, even those Vault dwellers untouched by the radiation were considered targets marked for death by The Enclave.

Some who suspected a shadowy group within the US government before the war also thought the deep state entity was conspiring with Vault-Tec. The bombs that fell (especially right after those suspicions became public) put an end to the investigations. Until the Prime Video series, the Negative consequence The games only indicated that The Enclave was an enemy of Vault-Tec. Everything that happened in the two centuries after the nuclear war seemed to paint the two opposing factions.

Now, however, the origins and actions of both groups have raised the possibility that the Enclave and Vault-Tec have always been united, even if most of their members did not know it. Negative consequence connection

What happened to The Enclave and Vault-Tec in the Negative consequence Series?

Wilzig with glasses that reflect what he's looking at from Fallout
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Fallout's The games established that members of the Enclave – those high-ranking, powerful and influential politicians, military officers and corporate figures – knew the nuclear bombs were coming. Meanwhile, Vault-Tec was no mere conglomerate. He basically owned and ruled the United States in all but name before the Great War.

So two totally different deep state groups, each of which has spent centuries trying to rule the world, coexisted at exactly the same time before the Great War, or were working together.

Both answers are possible, although one seems much more plausible. Especially because if The Enclave and Vault-Tec worked together to rule Negative consequenceof the world, would explain why The Enclave possessed Vault-Tec technology that could have destroyed both groups.

A woman pulls something out of a man's father's head with a large needle in Fallout
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Moldaver's cold fusion technology had the power to give the world free and unlimited energy. This was a direct threat to Vault-Tec's plans, which is why Vault-Tec bought him. But if Vault-Tec is so powerful and has always been controlling events on the surface since before Negative consequenceHow did the Great War allow The Enclave to get their most valuable asset? And once it did, why wouldn't Vault-Tec go out of their way to get it back? If The Enclave ever managed to unlock Moldaver's cold fusion, it would have unlimited and uncontrollable power. Not even Vault-Tec could stop it. And that would ruin centuries of planning.

The most likely answer is also the most terrifying.

Vault-Tec and The Enclave are part of the same evil group Negative consequence?

Hank in Brotherhood power armor with a facial wound in Fallout
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The Prime Video series deemed it important enough to tell newcomers to the franchise that the president was missing right before the bombs dropped. We also know from Negative consequence The lore of other members of The Enclave had also strategically retreated to safe locations just before the Great War began. But now that we know that Vault-Tec, which owned “half of everything,” including the US government, dropped the first bombs on Negative consequenceit seems possible (perhaps even likely) that he warned The Enclave what was coming.

Why would Vault-Tec do that if it had long-term plans to “manage” humanity? Why not destroy the enclave forever and eliminate a dangerous enemy? And why, if Vault-Tec was so powerful, would it let The Enclave spy on its vaults and activities for centuries? Vault-Tec was able to bomb Shady Sands and prevent humanity from restoring society on its own terms, but couldn't prevent The Enclave from spying on it? This does not seem to follow.

Conversely, if The Enclave only knew Vault-Tec's secret plans (which is how it knew the bombs were coming), why didn't it try to take out Vault-Tec before the group could gain such massive power?

Vault Boy on a green screen next to the blue liquid in Fallout
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The most logical explanation is that Vault-Tec and The Enclave have always been working together Negative consequence. (This would also explain how Wilzig knew the truth about Hank MacLane and why he needed to keep Modalver technology away from The Enclave completely.) Maybe not everyone in both groups always knew about their shared connection, which is why The Enclave attacked Vaults. before. But not everyone had to know. The fewer people doing it the better.

The best way to keep a secret is not to tell anyone else. And you only needed to know one person because, as The Ghoul said, “There's always someone behind the wheel.”

Golden skies over New Vegas and the Fallout desert
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This person is New Vegas, where Hank MacLean has fled. But while Hank might think he ran into the brains of his company, that mysterious person might be driving a car that has always had two engines working together to power one. Negative consequence group that is more dangerous and more evil than Vault-Tec or The Enclave could ever be alone.

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